Kids.Connect messages and classes

05/31/20 Sunday Kids.Connect class Pentecost is here

05/20/20 Midweek Kids.Connect message The Color Purple is here

05/17/20 Sunday Kids.Connect class Saul becomes Paul is here

05/13/20 Midweek Kids.Connect message The Color Blue is here

05/10/20 Sunday Kids.Connect class make a Mother's Day gift here

05/06/20 Midweek Kids.Connect message The Color Green is here

05/03/20 Sunday Kids.Connect class Lame Man Walks is here

04/29/20 Midweek Kids.Connect message The Color Yellow is here

04/26/20 Sunday Kids.Connect class about Doubting Thomas is here

04/22/20 Midweek Kids.Connect message The Color Orange Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here

04/19/20 Sunday Kids.Connect class Celebrate the Resurrection is here

04/15/20 Midweek Kids.Connect message begin to build a rainbow is here

04/08/20 Midweek Kids.Connect message about Holy Week is here

04/05/20 Palm Sunday Kids.Connect class is here

04/01/20 Midweek Kids.Connect message about making palms for Palm Sunday is here

03/29/20 Sunday Kids.Connect class about the Garden of Gethsemane Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here

03/25/20 Midweek Kids.Connect message about prayer and pretzels is here

03/22/20 Sunday Kids.Connect class about bread Part one is here Part two is here

03/18/20 Midweek Kids.Connect message about the number 40 is here

03/15/20 Sunday Kids.Connect class about St. Patrick is here

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We will be streaming live from Facebook on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.! Join us! You can always find our Facebook page by clicking the icon at the top of this website. Or, you can find it here. Here are the hymns for this week: Songs for May 29

Hello kids! Your Sunday Kids.Connect class with Ms. Jennifer is ready. It's Pentecost Sunday - Come Holy Spirit! Wait, what's that? Find your class here

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