Companions in Christ

Join us on Thursdays at noon for Companions in Christ, a small group committed to deepening prayer and listening for the Spirit. This is a group of individuals who study each day about prayer, scripture and discernment, and keep a personal notebook or journal of their insights and questions. The group meets each Thursday to support one another, share their reflections as desired, and explore on a deeper level the topic of the week. If you long for a small group with which to share the journey of faith, come join Companions in Christ. For more information, call the church office or Rev. Leigh.

What's New

This Lenten season we are reading The Last Week by Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan, an in-depth look at the Gospel of Mark’s account of the week leading up to Easter. Sermons in Lent will also follow the readings.

Did you know that CUMC has a vital African ministry?

There's always plenty of delicious food and good fellowship in the Community Room after church the first Sunday of each month!